"Ventana circular"

Marcela Paz Undurraga


Sandstone sculpture by Marcela Paz Undurraga
Unique piece.

Marcela Paz Undurraga lives and works in Burgundy, in the medieval town of Semur-en-Auxois. His workshop is perched above the old stone bridge of the fortified city. She shares this space, called “counterform”, with her fellow sculptor Ulysse Lacoste.
Marcela is Chilean. She studied applied arts in her native country before settling in France to continue her research work around form. His approach is at the same time primitive, spiritual, poetic, graphic, sensual.
Strip the form, make it lose its meaning, then return to a surrealist narrative, play with fullness and emptiness, play with modernity and return to the original function of its discipline. With joy and precision, his hands invite shapes, non-forms as well as voids to take on unexpected, simple and powerful attitudes. The red, black, white, yellow lands - like the palettes of a country she explores - tell stories for anyone who wants to hear them.


Height 26 cm
Width 25 cm
Depth 12 cm

Careful delivery by colissimo.