La Lune is above all a project: that of another life, slower, more enlightened, more conscious, more dignified.

Born from the need to create another place, another place to live better, we had to relearn how to do things with our hands, to live with the seasons, to take our time.

Conscious and uncomfortable in a society of frenzied consumption, there is an urgent need for us today to create ways of resisting: greedy and desirable means.

One of the possible options is to make your living space a refuge for thinking, creating, sharing and surrounding yourself with beautiful things. Beautiful things which in themselves already carry new values: those of respect for the craftsman, their work and their time. Those also of valorization, imperfections, non-conformity and integrity.

Beautiful things that sometimes happen to us with their past stories, and the warmth that accompanies them; design icons, but also curiosities of all kinds. Reflections of their times, and for some of the thoughts of their brilliant creators or anonymous pieces imbued with charming poetry.

It seems essential to us to also offer the work of artisans, demanding and meticulous, who resist the mad rush of the capitalist world. The pieces offered, functional and beautiful, created with noble materials, are imbued with know-how and a different relationship to time. We maintain a direct and unique relationship with each of the women and men who are behind these creations.

For a unique and eclectic, simple and minimalist decoration.
For reasoned, refined, sustainable consumption.

A nice way to say that another world is possible.