Mini Black Pepper + Lemongrass hand + body balm 30ml


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An aromatic hand and body balm made with botanical extracts of crunchy wild lemongrass and warming black pepper. Rich in nourishing and hydrating natural ingredients, plant-based butters will protect and repair your skin. Its soft and velvety texture will soothe dry areas of the skin.

Ingredients + benefits:

BLACK PEPPER: Warming / rejuvenating / detoxifying

LEMONELLA: Cleansing / antifungal / antibacterial

Shea butter: Deeply nourishing, hydrates and repairs the skin. Instant relief for dry skin. Rich in antioxidants and fatty acids.

Harvest, house of cosmetics and scents for the home, works only with organic and natural products. All their products are handmade in England.

30 ml - glass bottle