<tc>Heju x La Lune</tc>

Intervalles is a collection born from the collaboration between Heju and La Lune.

At the crossroads of the universe of the studio and La Lune editions, it is the result of a reflection between Hélène Pinaud, Julien Schwartzmann and Madeleine Froment.
The pieces presented borrow a primitive architectural vocabulary and graphic, repeating, interrupting successions of geometric shapes. The reading of these silhouettes is multiple and refers to different artistic references, we can read a tribute to Brancusi, to Native American totems, to the art of twisting furniture from the 19th
th century, ceramics by Hans Coper, lighting by Noguchi. Drawing on the know-how of artisans and a lively exchange, each piece is the result of a unique dialogue. The back and forth within workshops, the understanding of the material and techniques are at the heart of the approach of La Lune and Heju editions.

Sensitive to our respective worlds, with attention to every detail, we have had the opportunity to collaborate on projects on several occasions.

Together, we share a taste for beauty, purity, materials and the trace of handwork.

We explore, each in our own way, common references, and the dialogue that develops between us happens spontaneously.

Imagined up around a coffee and an obvious meeting in Dijon, this collection is the result of work around totemic forms, variations to highlight the regular rhythm of the undulations.




Hélène Pinaud and Julien Schwartzmann met on the benches of the National School of Architecture in Strasbourg. State graduates and top of their class, they founded the Heju studio in 2015 and created a universe mixing Japanese and Scandinavian influences.

“We favor natural, living materials that develop a patina over time. White is the basis of our work. Color allows you to create contrasts and reinforces the purpose of a form or an architectural singularity. The choice of materials, colors and textures is at the heart of our thinking in order to create atmospheres that appeal to everyone

the senses. We believe in the continuity between art, design and architecture. We imagine all our projects by merging inspirations and disciplines."




The Intervalles collection can be found here.


Heju x La Lune