Soft Minimal - by Norm Architects

The New Era


We are a product of our environment. The spaces we inhabit and the objects we live with influence the way we feel, think and behave, and form the framework of our identities and life stories. Guided by the goal of well-being, Copenhagen-based Norm Architects approaches the creation of architecture, interiors and furniture from the belief that good design is an important element of good life.

Through the insightful essays and images collected in Soft Minimal, Norm Architects shares the principles behind a human-centered design philosophy honed over 15 years. The artful balance of light and shadow is reflected in a Swedish retreat, while a Japanese home quietly professes the calming effect of natural materials; a Sri Lankan residence makes the case for bringing the landscape indoors and a Danish retail space celebrates the touch.

Serving as a sourcebook and aesthetic inspiration for design professionals and enthusiasts, Soft Minimal offers a nuanced perspective on minimalism that is warm, sensory and durable.

Size: 24.5 × 33 cm

Texts: English

304 pages

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