Hateya perfume concentrate

La Lune

€15,60 €26,00

Perfume concentrate for diffuser with notes of blackcurrant / bergamot / sandalwood

created exclusively for La Lune editions by Charlotte Breton,
founder of Samo.

Hateya: “footprints in the sand”

Head: Bergamot

Heart: Blackcurrant

Base: Sandalwood - Black spruce

Volume: 10ml

The interior perfume concentrate should only be used in a perfume burner or diffuser.

Italian bergamot, a luminous and sparkling essential oil, plunges into a delicate relaxation, followed by the light and fruity notes of blackcurrant, which transport to the heartœur of a walk on Burgundian trails. This powerful and suave fragrance, with a base of sandalwood, a mysterious and woody note, and black spruce, a refreshing and balsamic note, invites you to a gentle meditation.

Samo. is a brand of handmade candles and home fragrances made in Bordeaux.

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